Gardens 2 Go

Gardens 2Go was born from the idea of wanting to offer the home garden market great quality outdoor products that won’t break the bank, and that offer an easy install, and importantly, packing up & reinstalling, when it’s time to move to the next destination, or back to our home countries. It has since transformed into a company that can provide modular solutions to both the permanent and rental villa market as well as light commercial hotel, estate, municipality and resort markets.

Having lived and worked as an expat in the Middle East since the 1990’s, and having juggled with the need to create a home-feel in every place we live, yet not wanting to invest in fixtures that will have to be left behind come moving day, gave the spark to create Gardens 2Go. A one-stop-shop for high quality, scalable, and importantly, easily removable solutions to enhance and light up your outdoor space.

The Gardens 2Go modular concept allows for simple DIY set up and installation and is easy to expand when the space requirements change. Gardens 2Go offers durable solutions that are perfect for both the rental market wanting to invest in their outdoor space, knowing they can take their modular garden with them, as well as permanent or long term residents.

Range of Products