Tap Timers

Watering any garden is simpler than ever with our range of tap timers.

Our range of tap timers include Mechanical, Digital and Bluetooth Smart App operated timers for both irrigation and misting control.

Blue Tooth Tap Timers

Take watering to the next level from your smartphone with Bluetooth® technology

iWater™ control allows your smartphone to control all programming and interface unctions.



Our WaterWhiz™ Tap Timers feature simple programming options with powerful results. A full range in single, two and four outlet models means no watering concern is too complex.

7 Mtr & 20 Mtr Kits

The Holman Misting System is designed for the hot Australian summers. It is perfect to cool down patios, recreation & pet areas.

It is perfect to cool down patios, recreation & pet areas. The Misting System is also ideal for watering greenhouses because the super fine spray does not damage your plants or seedlings. Due to a super easy installation, you have the Misting System up and running within a few minutes.


The Holman Misting Systems are fully expandable if you are looking for an infinite solution for cooling down your entertainment area. It is super easy to install and it is the simplest way to escape the heat.